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Panels are used across many industries and construction sectors due to their versatility and diversity. They are one of the main building components in constructing walls, floors and furniture fittings. Panels also play an important role in furniture production. Their purpose can vary from shelf finishes to table tops.

Solid wood panels give a warm and natural feel, while panels with a natural metal finish are often used in the industry for their strength and resilience. A matt finish is perfect for modern designs, creating a sleek and contemporary look, while a gloss finish adds a luxurious appearance.


Panels are a great way to realise your projects and get started with furniture fittings. They are customisable and easy to work with, creating unique design solutions suitable for all styles and needs. There's no denying that it's an important and widely used component in the industrial and construction sectors and Trukmė will help find the right option.

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