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We use Homag KAL370 AMBITION EDGETEQ S-500 machines. Some of them are designed to laminate blanks using the AirTec hot air seamless lamination technology. We can also offer edge lamination, with EVA and PUR adhesives. EVA is the traditional method. PUR has a higher resistance to moisture and heat. We also offer the AirTec edge lamination technology, which does not require adhesives and eliminates glue seams.

AirTec and SealTec technologies – the right choice!

The quality requirements in the furniture industry are increasing, and so are the demands for edge lamination, where it is necessary to minimise the gap between the edge and the board and to focus on seamless lamination. Seamless lamination technology is particularly appreciated today by the manufacturers of office, bathroom and kitchen furniture.

Why choose PUR lamination over the conventional lamination using EVA adhesives?

High moisture resistance. PUR is perfect for furniture in areas with high levels of moisture, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Increased adhesive seam strength.

Improved aesthetic appearance of the seam.

High heat resistance.

Cold resistance.

Resistance to chemical solvents and thinners.

Extremely thin seam between the panel and the edge.

Suitable for use with all edges in the Trukmė range.


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