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Does Trukmė make furniture?

  • We are suppliers of furniture materials and can help you choose the necessary panels, provide detailed consultation and create a 3D visualization with selected décors, but we do not manufacture furniture. You should contact the furniture manufacturers regarding the measurement of the premises, project peculiarities, prices and furniture production. We cooperate with a large number of Lithuanian furniture makers and have a list of carefully selected furniture manufacturers > Recommended furniture manufacturers.
  • After choosing a furniture manufacturer, please coordinate the possibilities of the project and provide him with the décor codes of the furniture panels of your dreams chosen in Trukmė. And we will deliver the selected materials directly to the furniture manufacturer!

How can I order furniture materials?

  • You can order goods in the on-line store or by contacting your manager.
  • Not yet a Trukmė customer? Then please contact us by e-mail or by phone  +37064666702.

How long does it take for the ordered goods to arrive?

  • When placing an order in the on-line store, you can see the delivery date for each different Product. As a standard, the goods in stock will reach you within 2-3 business days, special goods - from the 4th business day, however, the service manager will inform you most precisely about the delivery.

Can we deliver to the specified address?

  • We deliver goods throughout Lithuania, delivery to the specified address is a paid service.

Who can do small production orders?

  • Trukmė focuses on all home furniture production services, therefore, we recommend small production orders to be produced with one of our carefully selected furniture service partners > Furniture Service Partners.

Where can the furniture materials be seen directly?

  • In all Trukmė showrooms in Lithuania:                         

In Kaunas:
Pramonės av. 8e (NIC home ideas centre 1st floor)
J. Šimkaus str. 21, Garliava, Kaunas district

In Vilnius:
Metalo str. 11
Verkių str. 44, (SC Unideco, 2nd floor)
Kauno str. 32A

In Klaipėda:
Minijos str. 42 (NIC home ideas centre)
Sandėlių str. 80 

In Šiauliai:
Darkiemio str. 2

How to properly maintain and clean furniture panels and table tops?

If the stains on the surface can be easily removed, it is enough to clean them with a soft microfibre cloth moistened in water, and then dry with a soft cloth. However, if you see that the dirt still does not come off, then additionally use special cleaning products. In our assortment you can find the following cleaning products adapted to different surfaces. 

  • HRANICLEAN 08 Universal antibacterial spray suitable for cleaning both matte and glossy surfaces.

  • HRANIWIPE Microfibre cloth for daily cleaning or polishing.

How can I place a production order?

  • In order to place a production order, business customers should fill out the production form by logging in to the self-service portal
  • Not yet a Trukmė customer? Then please contact us by e-mail or by phone +37061440513.

How can I get the sample palettes of the furniture materials I need for the job?

  • Furniture manufacturers or designers who want long-term cooperation with Trukmė and want to use sample palettes of furniture material of Trukmė in their work should contact the assigned manager or contact us by e-mail, or by phone  +37064666702.

What should I do if I received a defective or damaged Product?

  • If you receive an unsuitable or defective Product, please fill out a claim on the product self-service portal, and after examining it or if we have additional questions, we will contact you within the next 24 hours. You can call or write to the Quality Line as well: phone  8 800 00005 or e-mail

What are the time-limits for furniture services: cutting, drilling, laminating, milling or design?

  • Depending on the production load and the characteristics of the order, the production time-limit may vary from 4 to 20 business days. For the exact production time-limit, please ask the manager serving you.

How much does it cost to prepare a 3D kitchen visualization in Trukmė?

  • We perform 3D visualizations of colour combinations completely FREE of charge. You can choose one of the 6 kitchen models you like, then specify the codes for façades, table tops and wall décors, then our design and innovation consultants will provide you with visualizations. Registration can be found here.

Can I buy goods on-line and pick them up on-site?

  • When buying goods on-line, it is possible to pick them up in non-exhibition showrooms of Trukmė: J. Šimkaus atr. 21, Garliava, Kaunas district, Metalo str. 11, Vilnius, Minijos str. 42, Klaipėda. You will be able to see the specific showroom from which you can pick up the goods next to the chosen delivery method even before paying for the order.

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