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In our manufacturing facilities spanning over 3,100 m², we provide an array of services dedicated to the manufacture of furniture blanks. Through continuous investment in cutting-edge technology and machinery, we assure both high-quality and swift manufacturing services. 

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We only use the highest-quality machines to cut our panels: HOLZMA HPL 300 and HOLZMA HPP300 ProfiLine. For high-volume orders, we use automatic cutting machines with an added integrated automatic feed lifting table, which makes the production process faster and more efficient.


For drilling, we use Homag’s BHX 055 and DRILLTEQ V-200 machines, which ensure the highest quality and speed, i.e., 400,000 parts per year.


We use a hydraulic press that is the result of a combination of craftsmanship and continuous improvements, in line with the latest technical requirements.

With our pressing service, you can press custom-sized panels or apply high-pressure laminate (HPL) to:

– Fibreboard (MDF) of various thicknesses

– Particle board (MDP), plywood and other materials.


Using the latest CNC machines, we can mill a wide range of panels to meet your requirements. We prepare grooves and cavities for appliances, sinks, recessed handles and mechanisms. We also offer a wide range of milled filings that can be adapted to fit your needs. We currently offer over 18 facade milling options.

We work on CNC Venture 115 machines with a 5-axis technology, which not only provides flexible machining at different angles, high-quality milling, drilling and cutting, but also gives the project 360° of freedom, to help make your ideas come to life!


We offer our business clients a furniture design service – our team of experts will help you design even the most complex pieces or parts of furniture, so all you have to do is assemble them. If you don’t know how to implement a non-standard project, you can always consult our design team who will help you choose the best solution. We’re here to help you grow your business quickly and efficiently, so we offer solutions to make your work more effective.

Trukmė’s designers manage furniture projects independently with IMOS, while informing you if there are any discrepancies and making changes where necessary. That’s why we’re certain that the furniture parts that leave our warehouse are of the highest quality and won’t cause problems during the assembly process. We can also offer a furniture assembly service for design orders.


We use Homag KAL370 AMBITION EDGETEQ S-500 machines. Some of them are designed to laminate blanks using the AirTec hot air seamless lamination technology. We can also offer edge lamination, with EVA and PUR adhesives. EVA is the traditional method. PUR has a higher resistance to moisture and heat. We also offer the AirTec edge lamination technology, which does not require adhesives and eliminates glue seams.

AirTec and SealTec technologies – the right choice!

The quality requirements in the furniture industry are increasing, and so are the demands for edge lamination, where it is necessary to minimise the gap between the edge and the board and to focus on seamless lamination. Seamless lamination technology is particularly appreciated today by the manufacturers of office, bathroom and kitchen furniture.

Why choose PUR lamination over the conventional lamination using EVA adhesives?

High moisture resistance. PUR is perfect for furniture in areas with high levels of moisture, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Increased adhesive seam strength.

Improved aesthetic appearance of the seam.

High heat resistance.

Cold resistance.

Resistance to chemical solvents and thinners.

Extremely thin seam between the panel and the edge.

Suitable for use with all edges in the Trukmė range.

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